Twelve Angry Men 

June, 2016

Severna Park Community Center



PTC audiences range in age from children to senior citizens and are generally residents from Anne Arundel County and the regional areas.  While there are many options for live theater in the local larger metro areas, PTC is one of the few community theater groups that has provided live theater-like productions in the northern Anne Arundel County area for near 40 years.  Since we make the effort to keep our ticket pricing reasonable, we often attract audiences that may not usually attend live theater productions in the Annapolis, Baltimore or Washington, D.C. areas due to ticket prices or travel requirements.  We select productions that will provide a wide range of interest with the public.  Classic musicals and comedies, as well as traditional holiday productions are favorites that continue to entertain the public.  

PTC continues to explore efforts to expand our audience, as well as the seasoned and budding actors and theatrical artisans in the area.  Due to PTC's longevity, we have entertained and developed several generations of theater enthusiasts.  PTC is proud to be introducing on stage (and backstage) children, parents and grandparents of actors that made their debut on the PTC stage, years ago, as children themselves.  We continue to broaden our reach in the Anne Arundel County area by selecting venues that are varied and reach various audiences so everyone can enjoy!

       Christmas Carol

         Treasure Island (Chuck Dick)


                  Christmas Carol

​​        Godspell 2008

                    Godspell 2014

          John the Baptist/Judas

                ​(Frank Antonio)