Auditions / Show Openings


​​Auditions were previously held on March 7 & March 9, 2020 at Trinity United Methodist Church, Odenton. Our casting was very successful

so we invited 36 actors

to join the cast of "Charlotte's Web".

Unfortunately the coronavirus pandemic happened and turned the world (as we knew it) upside down. This resulted in quarantine and lockdown for everyone in the State of Maryland as well as the entire United States. 

Our production team met virtually and decided that it would be in the best interest and to preserve the good health and safety of our cast members and staff to postpone our CW production that was to open 7/2020 at at Anne Arundel Community College, Humanities Building Lecture Hall,

Arnold, MD.

Our new dates will be planned for the spring of 2022. While disappointed, our wonderful cast members and staff do understand the difficult situation our country was in and have agreed to resume in Spring/Summer 2022 and will continue where we left off. We will again hold auditions to cast some of the roles due to actors" availability and age differerences.


(We are in the process of meeting with potential

candidates to complete our staff)

TBD, Director

Sharon Steele, Executive Producer

Kathy Swain, Assistant Producer​

TBD:  Stage Manager

Keith Norris:  Technical Support

Costumes / Makeup Coordinator: 

Kathy Swain & Amy Regal

Tickets sales will be announced

for sale online

in early 2022.