Auditions / Show Openings


Audition Notice

Godspell...2012 Revival Version

All Roles Open

Be prepared with 16-32 bars of a rock, pop or Broadway selection that is not from this show. Bluetooth speaker and WIFI provided for tracks or an acapella audition is acceptable. No accompanist provided. Be ready to dance/move and potentially read from the script if required. We are seeking an extremely diverse cast of all ethnicity, body type and age (over 16). Certain roles in the show can be played by anyone; but, vocal must match the 2012 cast recording range.

Auditions will beheld onMarch 4 from 12pm-3pm, March 6 from 6pm-9pm and call backs will be on March 8 from 6pm-9pm at Trinity United Methodist Church. 952 Patuxent Road Odenton, Md.

This production will feature an ensemble of up to eight people who will also be in an understudy protocol if unforeseen events happen.

Jesus- (Male) plays age 28-35. Baritone-Tenor comfortable to “g” above middle “c”. The most charismatic member of the cast. Charming, funny, gentle; but, with strength. Must be the type of person that others instinctively follow.

Judas- (Male) plays 28-40. Baritone-Tenor to “g” above middle “c” Charismatic in an overt revolutionary way. He is Jesus’ lieutenant and most ardent disciple and the doubter who begins to question and rebel. He is the most serious of the group; but, must still possess great comedic timing as well as physical comic ability.

“Nick”- (Male/Female) sings “We Beseech Thee” High energy and playful. Ability to play musical instruments is a plus.

“Telly”- (Male/Female) sings “All Good Gifts” A little slow on the uptake; but, there is a great innocence and sweetness about this character. Must sing the song in tenor register.

“George”- (Male/Female) sings “Light of the World” Comedian/class clown. A large variety of vocal impersonations is preferred.

“Anna Maria- (Female) sings “Day by Day” open and sweet, she is the first of the group to fully commit to following Jesus through her song.

“Lindsay”- (Female) sings “Bless the Lord” a confident show-off, usually first to volunteer and jumps before she knows what she’s getting herself into.

“Uzo”- (Female) sings “By MY Side” a bit shy and a little slow to get things; but, fully committed when she catches on. Has an “earth mother” vibe with a warmth to her.

“Morgan”- (Female) sings “Turn Back O’ man” A completely different take on the song…forget what you know. Sassy, slightly cynical and the most urban of the group.

“Celisse”- (Male/Female) sings “Learn Your Lessons Well” Another class clown, goof and a cut-up. Ability to play the ukulele is a plus.

“Ensemble”- (Male/Female) any gender or age, must be strong singers with exceptional ability to harmonize, must move well and have comedic/improvisational ability. In addition to the former, an ability to play musical instruments of any kind is a plus. Special ability to tune properly to and play along with pre-recorded music is a bonus. 

Rehearsals: Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays beginning mid March.

Performance dates Friday, June 23 - Sunday, July 2, 2023 for two weekends. Questions? Text Sharon Steele at 410-440-8488.